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It occurs to me, I hadn't posted Lee on here when I got him. Went out for a second little photoshoot today, so figure I may as well put his first shoot and his second up at the same time.

Lee is a Dollshe Bernard (faceup by SDink). Always said if I was going to get a Dollshe, it'd be a Bernard. Technically I bought this guy because I wanted his body for Eddie (lol), but he ended up sticking around... and then I had to buy another body for him. But it worked out in the end. XD

 photo Lee 2.jpg

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Boy's been a pleasure and a great addition. :)
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Dannon's Debut!

First time, I think, I am posting pics of this boy! Why... why... I don't know~ I just painted his nails today and it made him feel... ready. He still needs different eyes but I suspect I will have to custom order them - he needs 18mm eyes but like... 14mm size irises? Wth were you thinking, Doll Chateau?! I also had to restring him, because he was so tight his ankle started cracking so now he's super loose while I look into getting a replacement part (because I don't want the crack to get worse...). Haha... and I thought he was hard to stand before. XDDD Aye, me...

 photo Dan06e.jpg

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Dannon: Doll Chateau WS Cyril
Faceup: Cats10
Eyes: 18mm glass
Wig: 9/10 Blue Licht Wig (and yes, it is a bit big, but not too much!)
Clothes: various
Boots: SD13 boy size Dollheart boots

Few more pictures from this shoot on DoA here:
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Experimenting with Darker Hair - Aniqa

Was having trouble bonding with Aniqa and was selling her for a while but didn't get any bites. I thought I'd change her style a bit and take some more pictures for a new sales thread and now... I kind of like her again? Gyaaa! I like the darker hair, though... I think I will keep her and try to get her sueded at some point...

 photo aniblk02.jpg

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Aniqa: Angell Studio Mandarava w/ "one-off" faceup from Angell Studio.
Wig: Volks Hewitt 2 wig
Eyes: Dollshe Urethane
Clothes: top, socks and shoes from eLuts and skirt from Volks
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I Write Like...

I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

So apparently, this bit of writing right here tells this site ( ) that I write like Chuck Palahniuk. Fucking awesome! I wonder how it analyzes, though... Maybe it's just spitting out random authors for all I know...

I tried another piece of writing done from Ty's perspective and it gave me Chuck again. o_O Well... Ty is kinda fucked up. lol

I tried this piece written from Con's perspective and it told me it's like David Foster Wallace (I don't know him).

This bit gets me Stephen King. lol. It's Ty again... Ty, you fucked-up motherfucker.

Ya, well... either my writing style changes a lot or this thing isn't all that accurate. Still! Chuck Palahniuk... I'm fucking honoured. XD If it's only a little like his writing, that would be sweet.

C4 Comin Con - November 2, 2013

So I got to go test-drive a Sony NEX-6 camera at the C4 Comic Con this year. Took me a while but I finally managed to get the pictures up! lol. There were a LOT of cool costumes (and people!). There was also really a LOT of cool stuff to buy... which I couldn't afford (lol I'm so sad...), but was fun to look around, anyway.

Like these little critters! They sat on your shoulder and moved - controlled by this little rod you could conceal in the palm of your hand. Very nifty...

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All in all, was lots of fun. I would maybe go again next year (if I had actual $ to spend lol). The tickets are quite expensive... o_O The camera was awesome. I tried 3 different lenses. One let me take shots in 1.8 f-stop... so nice. And was taking lots of pictures at ISO 1600 and man, I can tell a little but mostly... not really. Hardly any grain! So crazy... And it was FAST, too... No zoom on that lens, but it was wide-angle so it was great for full body shots of people in costumes. I also tried a couple of zoom lenses and a really wide-angle lens, both of which only went down to like a 4 f-stop, but still took good shots indoors. Man, the NEX-6 is an expensive camera, though... Nice, but... expensive. lol. It's pretty much a grand with a lens... wow. I think I'll stick to my DSC-HX10V for a while longer yet. XD
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Cleo - Planetdoll Riz, tan, Faceup by Cats10

So this be one of the newbies, although if you really want to be technical about it I've had her for a few months already. XD I'm so terrible... She is the result of falling in love with someone else's doll after seeing one in person (my second time doing this! the first being Keeley). The Planetdoll body sort of reminds me of a mini Dollstown body but a little more shapely? Her ball joints are very round, so they have a great range of movement while at the same time being very stable (yay!). I just love how she poses and how she feels in hand. She's become a sort of fantasy character - more in line with my fey characters - and I am thinking perhaps a fey who was worshiped in Egypt as a goddess (Sekhmet, I think, is who I'm leaning towards - who is a warrior goddess as well as a goddess of healing; she was depicted as a lioness). I may have been influenced by a certain someone in choosing this. lol XD You know who you are.

 photo Cleo04.jpg

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She needs more clothes! All the girl clothes I have are for slimmer MSDs and she's actually a bit bigger than regular MSDs. O_o Aiya... Oh well, she'll need a kalasiri or something (a linen dress). It will happen eventually. ^^;;;
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The Pauper's Prince - LLdT Roderich on Dollshe Rhythmos (White/Fresh Skin)

So once again I return from the void of time to bring my journal some pictures. XD This time, it is of my lovely and ever-so-demanding Tyson. He is a La Légende de Temps Roderich in (Volks) White skin on a Dollshe Rhythmos body in Fresh Skin. The match is AMAZING. The body is a (relatively?) new addition and has been a loooooong time coming, since I've had poor Ty's head (painted even! by the lovely Meggilu) in a box since August of last year. lol. So it's definitely nice to have him complete. :) The Dollshe Rhythmos body is LOVELY and moves very well. The fit for clothes is not toooo bad as he does seem to fit most SD17 and Dollshe sized clothes (if they're tight fits) well - with the exception of his arms being too long for long sleeves and his feet being too massive (but so pretty~) for most shoes. He also does not sit well - he has to be leaning against something... I swear one day I will figure out a fix for this... will have to unstring him and sand him down on the thigh so he can sit forward more, I think. But aside from that, he moves very well and naturally and can be contorted into many natural poses. I am definitely happy with him. :)

ANYWAY~ He was an absolute pleasure to work with on the day and didn't give me any trouble, which was so nice! XD I think he liked the attention. lol.

You can view this post for all the pictures I edited from the shoot, or wait for a bit and I'll post a link to the upcoming DoA post, which will have just the top picks.

Edit: Tada! DoA Link:

 photo Tyson05.jpg

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