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Massive Life Update

So I haven't updated in a bajillion years - yes, a bajillion!! - so thought I might share some of my news.

First off!! I have moved out!!! :D I now have my own apartment - a fair-sized one-bedroom in a nice neighbourhood. Taking a shower sets off my fire alarm and my carpet is so worn it feels like someone laid a thin layer of fabric over cement, but other than that, it is mine and therefore awesome!! I am mostly moved in. Still waiting on a sofa and mattress that I ordered, and living out of a few boxes here and there (XD) but it's about 75% done at this point. ^^

I got my modded Magical Michael head back from Cats10 and she is so pretty omg... I had been considering selling her (I pretty much purchased the head because I felt bad for it [feeling bad for inanimate objects ftw! XD] and was going to fix him/her up and sell it) but... no. I think she's staying. XD Woops. Oh, was I trying to downsize? lols. Oh, well.

I did sell Con (old mini SoulKid Con). I took a US Postal Money Order for him and you know what? 45 DAYS to clear a US Postal Money Order!! Unbelievable... so I'm still waiting for that to clear (should be mid-July... crikey) and then he's off.

I also sent Ty's SD-size Roderich head off to Meggilu to have painted. I still probably won't have a body for him until Christmas (waiting for holiday sales ^^). lol. I wonder if I'll sell his Limho shell... it's so pretty. Dammit. I dunno. Probably. Once I have him in his larger form, anyway.

AND AND AND!! Saving the best for last here. I had a date on Tuesday!!! :3 And it was super fun... and she was kind of amazing... and I'm still daydreaming about it randomly. lols. God, I haven't been this excited about someone in a long time. A loooong time. Like, it's embarrassing how long. We had dinner at Mitzi's and saw Prometheus after, then talked for a bit until she had to go. I can't freaking wait to see her again; it's ridiculous how much I hate my schedule this weekend as I'm working Monday at the Ex (working a booth for DirectBuy) and Sunday is Father's Day. Going to see her again Monday morning before working the Ex.

This random daydreaming is so distracting...
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