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The Fantastic Four at Home - PS: Ni, Con, Halla, Doyle

A photostory! Zomg how long has it been? XD A long time, I know... lol. Just a random bit of life involving my first four original characters (of whom, 3 have changed doll shells! lol. I find that so amusing... only Doyle has remained his sweet Hewitt self).

Anyhoo. Without further ado:

Ni: What's that?
Con: It's a Magic 8 Ball... what's it look like?
 photo Magic8_01_zps6352733f.jpg

Ni: Why are you staring at it?
Con: Because it keeps giving me the same message and I don't believe it...
 photo Magic8_02_zps3e455ee1.jpg

Ni: *gigglesnorts* Your Magic Ball isn't trustworthy? Who would've thought...
Con: Hey, don't knock it. *grinning a bit* People've been askin' the Magic 8 Ball more questions for more years than anyone's ever asked you for advice...
Ni: Pfft. Whatever... so what are you asking it?
 photo Magic8_03_zpsd36ee66f.jpg

Con: I've been asking it if everything's okay... *shakes the ball and turns it up*
Ni: And?
Con: "Outlook Good" ... again.
 photo Magic8_04_zps82171520.jpg

Ni: Well, that's good, right?
Con: *staring at the ball still* Ya... I guess.
 photo Magic8_05_zpsee04e72b.jpg

Ni: You're just obsessing... *shaking her head and rolling her eyes a little* You do that... you obsess.
 photo Magic8_06_zps30cccac8.jpg

Ni: Should try to relax...
 photo Magic8_07_zpsd6908824.jpg

Con: What, I should read porn? *chuckling as he teases*
Ni: *blushing brightly, spluttering* It-- It's not p-porn!
 photo Magic8_08_zps591206bf.jpg

Con: Yaaaa... right.
 photo Magic8_09_zps6bef2a0a.jpg

Ni: *sighing and closing her book* I'm just saying you should relax... You stress too much. You'll get wrinkles and look old. Hehe...
 photo Magic8_10_zps8f16b048.jpg

Con: Maybe you're right... Maybe everything is okay...
Halla: *talking to Doyle* So then she asks me where to find the zombie survival horror section--
 photo Magic8_11_zps7000fca5.jpg

Doyle: Uh-huh... *pretending interest*
 photo Magic8_12_zpsae1454da.jpg

Halla: So that's perfect, right? She's totally hitting on me by this point... Wasn't she?
 photo Magic8_13_zpsacffd228.jpg

Doyle: *ears flushing, flustered* I don't know! Why are you asking me these things? I don't give girl advice! *turning to Con, pleading* Coooonnor, can we pleeeease get out of here?! Are you done obsessing, yet?!
 photo Magic8_14_zps2941489f.jpg


lol. Okay, so that was silly... but a little silliness is good, right? ^^;
Tags: connor, dolls, doyle, halla, niamh, ps

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