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Random Doyle and Random Ray/Mischa Experimenting...

Random couple pictures of Doyle, who's still adoreable. XD

 photo Doyle_02_zpsdff5f7fc.jpg

 photo Doyle_01_zpsede2e91e.jpg

And me experimenting with lighting... and failing? Maybe? I'm not sure... Maybe it came out okay. o_O It's supposed to be Ray and Mischa at home watching a late-night movie on TV. Just had this image of them with the flickering screen... Gya! What do you guys think? Suggestions?

 photo Ray-Em-TV_02_zps1427de4a.jpg

 photo Ray-Em-TV_01_zps94bf08d9.jpg

And that's it for this post. XD
Tags: dolls, doyle, mischa, ray

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