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So I Experimented - Campbell (Soom Minigem Kremer)

Since Ty is being phased into a 70cm form, I had my Mono up for sale and eventually (after about 6 weeks of nothing) traded him with Buff for her Soom Minigem Kremer upon her offer. He's so tiny! lol. He's about a cm taller than a Ken doll, which actually makes him 1:1 scale for me, b/c I've always said that Fairies and Pixies and Brownies and Brixies (like Aniqa and Keeley) in my 'other world' are about a foot tall. So... lol. Very strange, but cool.

The ONLY thing was... in my world, fucking fairies are evil sons of bitches, man... They eat people alive. O_O I'm always reminded of the scene in Labyrinth where Sarah holds out her hand to a fairy flying by, it goes:
Sarah: Ow! It bit me!
Hoggle: What'd you expect fairies to do?
Sarah: I thought they did nice things, like... like granting wishes.
Hoggle: Shows what you know, don't it?

This is my kind of fairy. XD Which posed something of a problem, since Kremer comes with a very pink, very innocent-looking faceup. Buff had added a bit more red to the lips, but it wasn't enough... so I added more black blush around the eyes, darkened the shading on the cheeks, thickened and darkened the eyebrows, and added lip lines on the lips. Still wasn't enough. Anybody play Skyrim? They have a design that looks like this:
 photo Skyrim.jpg

Which is badass. XD I love it... So I went searching for images and wound up wanting something like this (photo by Twig Capra on flickr):
 photo Handprint-Idea.jpg

That actually wasn't the exact reference picture I was using... but fucked if I can find the original now, right? lol. Oi... anyway. it's close. You get the idea. XD

So... without further ado - before and after pictures...

 photo Campbell_01.jpg

Too girly, right? >> I thought so...
 photo Campbell_02.jpg

And After:
 photo Campbell_04.jpg

 photo Campbell_05.jpg

And an extra of how I did it, mostly using a sponge print that I cut myself from a bit of sandpaper block:
 photo Campbell_03.jpg

And just like that... voila. XD I'm actually super happy with it. XD I cut the wig a bit, too, so it would show it off more. Part of me cringes that I covered up such a gorgeous faceup... but most of me is just happy with the result. lol. It's badass! >D

I think he's going to fit in... I wasn't sure at first with his girly, innocent faceup (so wrong), but now... definitely like him.
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