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Finally! lol I'm such a lazy bum... Connor gets his tatts!

So he's had these in RP-land for a few months almost already, but... hehe... well, it took me a while to actually get them done in real life. Connor now finally has his tatts, though. Yay! The bird on his neck represents both his bf (who he tends to associate with birds) and Pride, and the swans on his hand are a 'mated pair', to be symbolic of faithfulness.

 photo Tatts_02.jpg

 photo Tatts_01.jpg

 photo Tatts_03.jpg

 photo Tatts_04.jpg

 photo Tatts_05.jpg

Done with watercolour pencils, some water, and ofc Mr. Super Clear (Flat, UV-Cut). I'm pretty happy. XD Not exactly professional, but... still quite happy. :3 All those veins in his hands made those birds darn difficult. XD
Tags: connor, dolls, tattoos

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