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The Pauper's Prince - LLdT Roderich on Dollshe Rhythmos (White/Fresh Skin)

So once again I return from the void of time to bring my journal some pictures. XD This time, it is of my lovely and ever-so-demanding Tyson. He is a La Légende de Temps Roderich in (Volks) White skin on a Dollshe Rhythmos body in Fresh Skin. The match is AMAZING. The body is a (relatively?) new addition and has been a loooooong time coming, since I've had poor Ty's head (painted even! by the lovely Meggilu) in a box since August of last year. lol. So it's definitely nice to have him complete. :) The Dollshe Rhythmos body is LOVELY and moves very well. The fit for clothes is not toooo bad as he does seem to fit most SD17 and Dollshe sized clothes (if they're tight fits) well - with the exception of his arms being too long for long sleeves and his feet being too massive (but so pretty~) for most shoes. He also does not sit well - he has to be leaning against something... I swear one day I will figure out a fix for this... will have to unstring him and sand him down on the thigh so he can sit forward more, I think. But aside from that, he moves very well and naturally and can be contorted into many natural poses. I am definitely happy with him. :)

ANYWAY~ He was an absolute pleasure to work with on the day and didn't give me any trouble, which was so nice! XD I think he liked the attention. lol.

You can view this post for all the pictures I edited from the shoot, or wait for a bit and I'll post a link to the upcoming DoA post, which will have just the top picks.

Edit: Tada! DoA Link:

 photo Tyson05.jpg

Waiting for the bus! He was surprisingly patient. XD
 photo Tyson01.jpg

 photo Tyson02.jpg

So long and lanky. :3
 photo Tyson03.jpg

I can never get over how perfect Meg painted him. *_*
 photo Tyson04.jpg

 photo Tyson06.jpg

 photo Tyson07.jpg

His profile. <3
 photo Tyson08.jpg

 photo Tyson09.jpg

The thing is... the body is so long and the head is actually a little long in the face also... that pictures taken of him as a whole can make him look sooooo skinny! lol. I only got a couple of him that I liked this way. ><
 photo Tyson10.jpg

I think the following three pictures are quite possibly my favourites of the shoot...
 photo Tyson11.jpg

I cannot get over his handses~
 photo Tyson12.jpg

 photo Tyson13.jpg

He is very flexible~ lol
 photo Tyson14.jpg

 photo Tyson15.jpg

 photo Tyson16.jpg

This is typical Ty... I bring him into a place with other people and suddenly he is the sweetest angel you have ever seen. All sparkles and innocence. lol. Ya, right - he can't fool me, though!
 photo Tyson17.jpg

 photo Tyson18.jpg

 photo Tyson19.jpg

 photo Tyson20.jpg


And a couple of extras... just because.

This one... I just had to share because I swear Ty rides my arm with more class than ANY of my other dolls. He fits perfectly right in the crook of my arm and INSISTED on having his legs crossed. XD
 photo Tyson_Omake01.jpg

And well... it's -hardly- one of -my- shoots without a BUS PICTURE, now is it? Heh. ^^
 photo Tyson_Omake02.jpg
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