glassalice (me_under_glass) wrote,

The Real World Steps In

And occasionally, you know... I also take pictures that are not of dolls. XD Here are a few of my recent ones:

Down by the Waterfront, near the Forks

 photo Waterfront03.jpg

 photo Waterfront01.jpg

 photo Waterfront02.jpg

Ducks!! lol. I couldn't have been more than 10 feet from them for 20 minutes during my photoshoot with Ty and then I noticed them - they were just sitting there, not bothered by me at all. ^^
 photo Waterfront04.jpg

 photo Waterfront05.jpg

 photo Waterfront06.jpg

In the Spaghetti Factory, in the Forks
 photo Waterfront07.jpg

From the top of the Forks Parkade. I think I would entitle this one, "Wow. Sky." lol
 photo PhotoWalk_01.jpg

The above and these next few were taken during the International Photo Walk last Saturday. Can you feel the excitement of the participates in this one? Hehe.
 photo PhotoWalk_05.jpg

 photo PhotoWalk_06.jpg

At the St. Boniface Cathedral
 photo PhotoWalk_02.jpg

 photo PhotoWalk_03.jpg

 photo PhotoWalk_07.jpg

Birds on Main Street
 photo PhotoWalk_04.jpg

 photo PhotoWalk_08.jpg

And finally, my view on the way home:
 photo Waterfront08.jpg

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