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C4 Comin Con - November 2, 2013

So I got to go test-drive a Sony NEX-6 camera at the C4 Comic Con this year. Took me a while but I finally managed to get the pictures up! lol. There were a LOT of cool costumes (and people!). There was also really a LOT of cool stuff to buy... which I couldn't afford (lol I'm so sad...), but was fun to look around, anyway.

Like these little critters! They sat on your shoulder and moved - controlled by this little rod you could conceal in the palm of your hand. Very nifty...

Cool motorcycle.
 photo C4_01.jpg

The roller derby girls.
 photo C4_02.jpg

Transformer! Very cool.
 photo C4_03.jpg

OMG I wanted a picture of this guy so bad but the crowd kept me from getting to him and I tried to find him later but I couldn't! All I managed was this shot - he's the freaking Mad Hatter from American McGee's Alice video games! He was on stilts! He was awesome. :3
 photo C4_04.jpg

There were people there doing zombie costume makeup - it looked super cool!! This girl let me take a picture of her while she was getting made up.
 photo C4_05.jpg

Costumes for sale. I don't know how you'd walk in this, but is it not awesome?!! It's a Big Daddy from Bioshock - one of my favourite video games.
 photo C4_07.jpg

Jack Frost outfit. This one gave me ideas like... I could do that~
 photo C4_08.jpg

The 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) - my favourite Doctor. And this little kid was adoreable. :3
 photo C4_09.jpg

Fully Robotically Controlled Beeping and Moving R2D2. Yup. Awesome.
 photo C4_10.jpg

Assassin's Creed Cosplay - note badass pose, as well. ;)
 photo C4_11.jpg

Awesome clothes!! There were awesome clothes... ;_;
 photo C4_12.jpg

I don't know if this girl was anyone in -particular- but her pirate outfit was the Bomb!!
 photo C4_13.jpg

Okay, so my timing on this pictures sucked!! Bad expression timing lol... but I got just the one picture (silly me) and she DID THE POSE without even being asked and I was just all fangirling over this outfit because it's freaking Mikasa from Shingeki no Kyojin!! lol... It was super nicely done, too. Like really good quality... I want an outfit just like this for Ai-Kon...
 photo C4_14.jpg

It's that flying guy from one of the new Star Wars movies. lol. He was a prop at one of the booths; just cool. :)
 photo C4_15.jpg

It is my firm and absolute belief than anyone who dresses as Deadpool is (a) crazy and (b) awesome.
 photo C4_17.jpg

Throwing gang signs lol. And hey, there's me! How did I get in there~
 photo C4_16.jpg

Really cool indy comic - artist was all the way from Chicago, if I remember right; nice guy, too.
 photo C4_18.jpg

More awesome art in Artists Alley. It's Bender!!
 photo C4_19.jpg

Nifty 'art' feature with the NEX-6. BARELY touched up except for a tiny bit of lighting/contrast! The camera did most of this. Was very nifty looking.
 photo C4_20.jpg

Quidditch games/practice. They were teaching it!
 photo C4_21.jpg

Borderlands Masks. I could not believe how... utterly video-gamish these looked. They didn't even look real. lol. Was very neat.
 photo C4_22.jpg

She-Ra!! Princess of Power!! Oh man, I watched way too much of this as a kid. XD

Fucking amazing helmets/armour.
 photo C4_24.jpg

 photo C4_25.jpg

 photo C4_26.jpg

Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. I feel quite certain these are comic characters and not just 'traditional' Red Riding Hood costumes, but I couldn't say for sure...
 photo C4_27.jpg

The Crimson Binome (aka Captain Capacitor). Reboot was totally re-booted for this con - they were everywhere!
 photo C4_28.jpg

The Panorama Function. Awesome.
 photo C4_29-O.jpg

Hexadecimal. Reboot again lol. Man, I loved this show...
 photo C4_30.jpg

Batman and Catwoman (the good ones).
 photo C4_31.jpg

Iron Man! Dude... he LIT UP!
 photo C4_32.jpg

All in all, was lots of fun. I would maybe go again next year (if I had actual $ to spend lol). The tickets are quite expensive... o_O The camera was awesome. I tried 3 different lenses. One let me take shots in 1.8 f-stop... so nice. And was taking lots of pictures at ISO 1600 and man, I can tell a little but mostly... not really. Hardly any grain! So crazy... And it was FAST, too... No zoom on that lens, but it was wide-angle so it was great for full body shots of people in costumes. I also tried a couple of zoom lenses and a really wide-angle lens, both of which only went down to like a 4 f-stop, but still took good shots indoors. Man, the NEX-6 is an expensive camera, though... Nice, but... expensive. lol. It's pretty much a grand with a lens... wow. I think I'll stick to my DSC-HX10V for a while longer yet. XD
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