glassalice (me_under_glass) wrote,

I Write Like...

I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

So apparently, this bit of writing right here tells this site ( ) that I write like Chuck Palahniuk. Fucking awesome! I wonder how it analyzes, though... Maybe it's just spitting out random authors for all I know...

I tried another piece of writing done from Ty's perspective and it gave me Chuck again. o_O Well... Ty is kinda fucked up. lol

I tried this piece written from Con's perspective and it told me it's like David Foster Wallace (I don't know him).

This bit gets me Stephen King. lol. It's Ty again... Ty, you fucked-up motherfucker.

Ya, well... either my writing style changes a lot or this thing isn't all that accurate. Still! Chuck Palahniuk... I'm fucking honoured. XD If it's only a little like his writing, that would be sweet.

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