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It occurs to me, I hadn't posted Lee on here when I got him. Went out for a second little photoshoot today, so figure I may as well put his first shoot and his second up at the same time.

Lee is a Dollshe Bernard (faceup by SDink). Always said if I was going to get a Dollshe, it'd be a Bernard. Technically I bought this guy because I wanted his body for Eddie (lol), but he ended up sticking around... and then I had to buy another body for him. But it worked out in the end. XD

 photo Lee 2.jpg

 photo Lee 1.jpg

 photo Lee 3.jpg

 photo Bernie05e.jpg

 photo Bernie02e.jpg

 photo Bernie08e.jpg

 photo Bernie01bw.jpg

Boy's been a pleasure and a great addition. :)
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