October 11th, 2013

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The Pauper's Prince - LLdT Roderich on Dollshe Rhythmos (White/Fresh Skin)

So once again I return from the void of time to bring my journal some pictures. XD This time, it is of my lovely and ever-so-demanding Tyson. He is a La Légende de Temps Roderich in (Volks) White skin on a Dollshe Rhythmos body in Fresh Skin. The match is AMAZING. The body is a (relatively?) new addition and has been a loooooong time coming, since I've had poor Ty's head (painted even! by the lovely Meggilu) in a box since August of last year. lol. So it's definitely nice to have him complete. :) The Dollshe Rhythmos body is LOVELY and moves very well. The fit for clothes is not toooo bad as he does seem to fit most SD17 and Dollshe sized clothes (if they're tight fits) well - with the exception of his arms being too long for long sleeves and his feet being too massive (but so pretty~) for most shoes. He also does not sit well - he has to be leaning against something... I swear one day I will figure out a fix for this... will have to unstring him and sand him down on the thigh so he can sit forward more, I think. But aside from that, he moves very well and naturally and can be contorted into many natural poses. I am definitely happy with him. :)

ANYWAY~ He was an absolute pleasure to work with on the day and didn't give me any trouble, which was so nice! XD I think he liked the attention. lol.

You can view this post for all the pictures I edited from the shoot, or wait for a bit and I'll post a link to the upcoming DoA post, which will have just the top picks.

Edit: Tada! DoA Link: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?597716

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