October 26th, 2013

acorn: _ganar

Cleo - Planetdoll Riz, tan, Faceup by Cats10

So this be one of the newbies, although if you really want to be technical about it I've had her for a few months already. XD I'm so terrible... She is the result of falling in love with someone else's doll after seeing one in person (my second time doing this! the first being Keeley). The Planetdoll body sort of reminds me of a mini Dollstown body but a little more shapely? Her ball joints are very round, so they have a great range of movement while at the same time being very stable (yay!). I just love how she poses and how she feels in hand. She's become a sort of fantasy character - more in line with my fey characters - and I am thinking perhaps a fey who was worshiped in Egypt as a goddess (Sekhmet, I think, is who I'm leaning towards - who is a warrior goddess as well as a goddess of healing; she was depicted as a lioness). I may have been influenced by a certain someone in choosing this. lol XD You know who you are.

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She needs more clothes! All the girl clothes I have are for slimmer MSDs and she's actually a bit bigger than regular MSDs. O_o Aiya... Oh well, she'll need a kalasiri or something (a linen dress). It will happen eventually. ^^;;;