November 8th, 2013


C4 Comin Con - November 2, 2013

So I got to go test-drive a Sony NEX-6 camera at the C4 Comic Con this year. Took me a while but I finally managed to get the pictures up! lol. There were a LOT of cool costumes (and people!). There was also really a LOT of cool stuff to buy... which I couldn't afford (lol I'm so sad...), but was fun to look around, anyway.

Like these little critters! They sat on your shoulder and moved - controlled by this little rod you could conceal in the palm of your hand. Very nifty...

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All in all, was lots of fun. I would maybe go again next year (if I had actual $ to spend lol). The tickets are quite expensive... o_O The camera was awesome. I tried 3 different lenses. One let me take shots in 1.8 f-stop... so nice. And was taking lots of pictures at ISO 1600 and man, I can tell a little but mostly... not really. Hardly any grain! So crazy... And it was FAST, too... No zoom on that lens, but it was wide-angle so it was great for full body shots of people in costumes. I also tried a couple of zoom lenses and a really wide-angle lens, both of which only went down to like a 4 f-stop, but still took good shots indoors. Man, the NEX-6 is an expensive camera, though... Nice, but... expensive. lol. It's pretty much a grand with a lens... wow. I think I'll stick to my DSC-HX10V for a while longer yet. XD