April 12th, 2015

acorn: _ganar

Experimenting with Darker Hair - Aniqa

Was having trouble bonding with Aniqa and was selling her for a while but didn't get any bites. I thought I'd change her style a bit and take some more pictures for a new sales thread and now... I kind of like her again? Gyaaa! I like the darker hair, though... I think I will keep her and try to get her sueded at some point...

 photo aniblk02.jpg

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Aniqa: Angell Studio Mandarava w/ "one-off" faceup from Angell Studio.
Wig: Volks Hewitt 2 wig
Eyes: Dollshe Urethane
Clothes: top, socks and shoes from eLuts and skirt from Volks
acorn: _ganar

Dannon's Debut!

First time, I think, I am posting pics of this boy! Why... why... I don't know~ I just painted his nails today and it made him feel... ready. He still needs different eyes but I suspect I will have to custom order them - he needs 18mm eyes but like... 14mm size irises? Wth were you thinking, Doll Chateau?! I also had to restring him, because he was so tight his ankle started cracking so now he's super loose while I look into getting a replacement part (because I don't want the crack to get worse...). Haha... and I thought he was hard to stand before. XDDD Aye, me...

 photo Dan06e.jpg

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Dannon: Doll Chateau WS Cyril
Faceup: Cats10
Eyes: 18mm glass
Wig: 9/10 Blue Licht Wig (and yes, it is a bit big, but not too much!)
Clothes: various
Boots: SD13 boy size Dollheart boots

Few more pictures from this shoot on DoA here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php/668666