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Holy shit, I'm back! lol. And I bring you Pearl

Got a new camera and finally got about seeing what it can do. Went for some night shots with Pearl and had fun editing them. :P

Without further ado:

 photo Pearl02-Edit.jpg

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Hope y'all enjoy. I did. :) Thank you!

Doll: Volks Pearl 2008 Default Faceup, Eyes, Wig
Clothes: Dollmore (red shirt, pants, hat) & Domuya (black shirt) & belts (which are bracelets) & Volks (shoes)
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Finally! lol I'm such a lazy bum... Connor gets his tatts!

So he's had these in RP-land for a few months almost already, but... hehe... well, it took me a while to actually get them done in real life. Connor now finally has his tatts, though. Yay! The bird on his neck represents both his bf (who he tends to associate with birds) and Pride, and the swans on his hand are a 'mated pair', to be symbolic of faithfulness.

 photo Tatts_02.jpg

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Done with watercolour pencils, some water, and ofc Mr. Super Clear (Flat, UV-Cut). I'm pretty happy. XD Not exactly professional, but... still quite happy. :3 All those veins in his hands made those birds darn difficult. XD
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So I Experimented - Campbell (Soom Minigem Kremer)

Since Ty is being phased into a 70cm form, I had my Mono up for sale and eventually (after about 6 weeks of nothing) traded him with Buff for her Soom Minigem Kremer upon her offer. He's so tiny! lol. He's about a cm taller than a Ken doll, which actually makes him 1:1 scale for me, b/c I've always said that Fairies and Pixies and Brownies and Brixies (like Aniqa and Keeley) in my 'other world' are about a foot tall. So... lol. Very strange, but cool.

The ONLY thing was... in my world, fucking fairies are evil sons of bitches, man... They eat people alive. O_O I'm always reminded of the scene in Labyrinth where Sarah holds out her hand to a fairy flying by, it goes:
Sarah: Ow! It bit me!
Hoggle: What'd you expect fairies to do?
Sarah: I thought they did nice things, like... like granting wishes.
Hoggle: Shows what you know, don't it?

This is my kind of fairy. XD Which posed something of a problem, since Kremer comes with a very pink, very innocent-looking faceup. Buff had added a bit more red to the lips, but it wasn't enough... so I added more black blush around the eyes, darkened the shading on the cheeks, thickened and darkened the eyebrows, and added lip lines on the lips. Still wasn't enough. Anybody play Skyrim? They have a design that looks like this:
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Which is badass. XD I love it... So I went searching for images and wound up wanting something like this (photo by Twig Capra on flickr):
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That actually wasn't the exact reference picture I was using... but fucked if I can find the original now, right? lol. Oi... anyway. it's close. You get the idea. XD

So... without further ado - before and after pictures...

 photo Campbell_01.jpg

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And After:
 photo Campbell_04.jpg

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And just like that... voila. XD I'm actually super happy with it. XD I cut the wig a bit, too, so it would show it off more. Part of me cringes that I covered up such a gorgeous faceup... but most of me is just happy with the result. lol. It's badass! >D

I think he's going to fit in... I wasn't sure at first with his girly, innocent faceup (so wrong), but now... definitely like him.
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Random Doyle and Random Ray/Mischa Experimenting...

Random couple pictures of Doyle, who's still adoreable. XD

 photo Doyle_02_zpsdff5f7fc.jpg

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And me experimenting with lighting... and failing? Maybe? I'm not sure... Maybe it came out okay. o_O It's supposed to be Ray and Mischa at home watching a late-night movie on TV. Just had this image of them with the flickering screen... Gya! What do you guys think? Suggestions?

 photo Ray-Em-TV_02_zps1427de4a.jpg

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And that's it for this post. XD
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The Fantastic Four at Home - PS: Ni, Con, Halla, Doyle

A photostory! Zomg how long has it been? XD A long time, I know... lol. Just a random bit of life involving my first four original characters (of whom, 3 have changed doll shells! lol. I find that so amusing... only Doyle has remained his sweet Hewitt self).

Anyhoo. Without further ado:

Ni: What's that?
Con: It's a Magic 8 Ball... what's it look like?
 photo Magic8_01_zps6352733f.jpg

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lol. Okay, so that was silly... but a little silliness is good, right? ^^;
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Where are they now... (Everybody!)

Again, this is also posted to DoA (here: less a couple of the below pics. Comment either place is fine - comments are very welcome. :)

Felt like sharing a little bit of everybody, so basically went around the apartment to show how everyone's snuggled up at the moment.

First bunch, on my dresser:

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And that's pretty much everyone! Ty (the Limho Mono) is now tucked in his box as he's up for sale, so he's not in this bunch of pics. His LLT Roderich head was in its box at this point, too, hence why Eddie's there. XD Ah, the problems with sharing bodies...
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Ice-like Soul (Tyson: LLT Roderich)

Basically the same pictures as on my DoA post (here: so if you've seen those, you can skip this post. XD Feel free to comment either place.

Ty is in the process of being re-shelled, as some might know. He's been a Limho Mono, but I purchased a new LLT Roderich (WS) head for him about a year ago and had him painted by meggilu a few months back. He's still currently bodiless, but I decided to steal Eddie's body for a few pictures with him. ^^; I tell myself it's only fair since Eddie used to steal Alex's body back when he didn't have one, so he's just returning the favor. ;)

I love how 'cool' he turned out, almost impersonal or aloof... just perfect for Ty. Like a marble statue, beautiful but cold. :)


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For the record, the body he's on (Eddie's) is a Nobility Doll Emotional Boy Body in WS, if anyone's curious. The match is decent, just a tiny bit whiter than the head (which has pinky undertones).
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Massive Life Update

So I haven't updated in a bajillion years - yes, a bajillion!! - so thought I might share some of my news.

First off!! I have moved out!!! :D I now have my own apartment - a fair-sized one-bedroom in a nice neighbourhood. Taking a shower sets off my fire alarm and my carpet is so worn it feels like someone laid a thin layer of fabric over cement, but other than that, it is mine and therefore awesome!! I am mostly moved in. Still waiting on a sofa and mattress that I ordered, and living out of a few boxes here and there (XD) but it's about 75% done at this point. ^^

I got my modded Magical Michael head back from Cats10 and she is so pretty omg... I had been considering selling her (I pretty much purchased the head because I felt bad for it [feeling bad for inanimate objects ftw! XD] and was going to fix him/her up and sell it) but... no. I think she's staying. XD Woops. Oh, was I trying to downsize? lols. Oh, well.

I did sell Con (old mini SoulKid Con). I took a US Postal Money Order for him and you know what? 45 DAYS to clear a US Postal Money Order!! Unbelievable... so I'm still waiting for that to clear (should be mid-July... crikey) and then he's off.

I also sent Ty's SD-size Roderich head off to Meggilu to have painted. I still probably won't have a body for him until Christmas (waiting for holiday sales ^^). lol. I wonder if I'll sell his Limho shell... it's so pretty. Dammit. I dunno. Probably. Once I have him in his larger form, anyway.

AND AND AND!! Saving the best for last here. I had a date on Tuesday!!! :3 And it was super fun... and she was kind of amazing... and I'm still daydreaming about it randomly. lols. God, I haven't been this excited about someone in a long time. A loooong time. Like, it's embarrassing how long. We had dinner at Mitzi's and saw Prometheus after, then talked for a bit until she had to go. I can't freaking wait to see her again; it's ridiculous how much I hate my schedule this weekend as I'm working Monday at the Ex (working a booth for DirectBuy) and Sunday is Father's Day. Going to see her again Monday morning before working the Ex.

This random daydreaming is so distracting...
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