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The Looking Glass

It Just Gets Curiouser & Curiouser

3 June 1983
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Okay... I like reading, writing, dolls, anime, HTML (not! I hate HTML!! HTML though art evil incarnate and aaarrrrgggghhh!!!! DX *is redoing her website*)... Live at home, like the loser I pretend to be, and am dying to get out of this prison! *cash cash cash...* - OH! If only wishes were pennies that fell like copper rain from the sky ... ... ... A little melodramatic and I tend to ramble. ^^ U.M. graduate with a B.A. (major in English, minor in Math). Stuck in a dead-end job with a crappy boss - so what's different there? - yet hopes to heck she doesn't get fired because money=books+dollies+moving-out-someday=long-life+goodness+happiness.

PS: Props to euterpeslullaby at crackified for the Ewan McGregor Mood Icons - Yeah!

teh babies

((Niamh: Volks Liz painted by blanki, Halla: Volks Emma (mod) painted by Aroa, Con: SoulKid Snyder faceup by Belladonna, Doyle: default Volks Hewitt2, Alex: Volks Kohya painted by Belladonna, Ray: default faceup Volks Tony head on a regular-leg SD13 body, Prudence: default Volks Yo-SD Papi, Aniqa: Angell Studio Mandarava with One-Off 14 Faceup, Mischa: default faceup SWD Syo on Ushiwakamaru body, Keeley: default DZ Feilian, Amelie: Volks SD16 girl Amelia painted by Sakuli, Nana: Volks Mimi13 head painted by ladious on an SD10 girl body, Merolanna: Volks Pearl default, Tyson: Limho Mono faceup by Belladonna, Lini: DZ Mini BB Luna faceup by Belladonna, Vic: Volks Kohya (modded by me), painted by Meggilu, Dee: Zaoll Luv painted by inuchick, Eddie: Migidoll Cho (Type A, Volks Match, White) painted by Meggilu, Yaro Nova Levi: default Domuya Perennial Tan Fin, Frederic (a.k.a.: Eric, Fred, Fritz, Fritzy, Ric): Volks Link (modded by me), painted by Meggilu))